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Quality and warranty
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I: What is Freego Standard ? 

---Modern and innovative design, light-weight and flexible, safety guarantee, high  reliability, stability and durability.

All of our Freego Branded products have high standard,safe and 2 years warranty.We not only produce our own Freego branded products,also can do OEM. Although OEM is cheaper and  flexible. We can make it as good as Freego standards and also make it lower according to customers’ requirement. 

1).Quality battery pack: Samsung/LG cells only2600mAH with 5,000,000USD Global insurance
2). High-efficient Motor: 250W—500W
3). Controller (PCB): The best PCB with importedIC, reliable anddurable.
4). Charger: CE, FCC, UL Certificate
5). Good Quality Aluminum alloy/carbonfiber frame & ABS Cover: Strong and stable.
6). Packing carton: strong Brown rain-proof 7-layer paperboard carton, for export use.
7).Warranty: 2 years

II. How Do You Make Sure Freego Standard High Quality?

---We can make sure Freego products are high quality from below aspect. 

1. Material and components purchasing.

The suppliers we are cooperating have been at least 5 years-time partnership with us, we know and trust each other completely.Quality parts are first priority for us. We only choose the best quality components that can bereliable and durable which priceare higher but qualityis guaranteed
For example, a scooter is made up of motors, PCB Board with program inside, batteries, charger, packing box and the metal frame and plastic covers. In order to understand you well, let meexplain one by one. 

A hoverboard needs 2 motors and 2 tires. A good motor must use good quality magnet, cables and excellent assemble work. There are many grades of magnet that comes with different price. So finally the cost of each grade of motors is different. Good qualitymotor is 30% higher than the lowqualitymotors. 

(b) Batteries:
Battery pack used in hoverboard includes 20 cells, Protection PCB, cables, soldering and assembly work. If we want good quality battery, choosing quality cells,and a good assemble workshop is very important. Some small workshop would cheat. They use fake import cells or mix good cells with bad ones. They also can try to simplify the process of assemble to improve their production capacity. No matter what way, they are trying to lower their cost to produce more and more products for quick money. Low quality cells and poor assembly work are the main reason to leading battery explosion or burning in USA last year. 

Freego only choose those who has strict Quality system and reputation. We also pay attention to their experience and global insurance. If something happened, the victim could get compensation up to 5,000,000 USD. 

Unlike most small factories, Freego has our own source code of Self-balancing technology and 26+ patents of design and functions. We can totally control the quality standard. Most of our competitors are small and young company that have less experience and less cost of production.They just buy PCB from others. If some PCB
are broken, theydo not know howto fixor upgrade. 

For export, we have 10 years of experience and we know almost all electronics needs CE, FCC, ROHS, UL for Chargers and some needs for the whole scooter. To be honest, we had bad lesson before and we know theimportance of qualitychargers. Wedo not save moneyfrom battery and chargers. 

(e).Packing carton:
There are also many different materials and quality standard for packing box. Some are weak but cheap. Sellers can save small money from it but it will not protect commodity that will be damaged during the transportation. It is very common in 
international transport. We use good quality carton that are strong and rain resistance. 

(f). Metal frame and plastic cover:
They are the face and clothing for scooters. But they are also different quality and different price. There are different grade too, we use 6061 for all Al alloy frame and ABS+PC for plastic cover. It is stronger and durable. We also can pay more money to makeit fireresistance. 

In a word, there are many ways to save money from each part above. If freego were a small company that has no name, no history, no experience, we could also prefer making quick money and quit after half a year like many small factories. But we do not because we are not small company , we have a long-term development strategy
in this industry.We want tomake scooter better and better. 

Good quality parts and components that means higher cost on purchasing and manufacturing, means high unit price when you buy, BUT safer,reliable and durable less trouble after you buy or less trouble from your customers if you sell to them. 

Vice verse if much cheaper unit price, cheaper cost on manufacturing and purchasing parts and components, that means poor quality, unsafe, unreliable, not durable and stable, big trouble after you buy or even more trouble if you buy in bulk and sell to customers, you need to pay much more money , energy and time to fix it. And you are
in risk of being accused. 

2. We strictly execute ISO9001 quality management system. We have IQC, IPQC, QC and QA in our full quality management team who are working on incoming materials check, in-process production check and finished product check to assure the production is 100% qualified. 

3. For our finished products we will test every single piece before it is packed, riding test, ramp test, charging test and so on. 

4. All freego products are FCC, CE and RoHS certificated , partial model UL

III. Freego Warranty to end-user 

---All of our Freego Branded products have 2 years warranty 

1. Who will repair the scooters after sold to users?
Freego dealers will do it. If your Freegois less than 2 years old please besure to contact us for an on-linediagnose firstly so that we can sort out and assess your product fault. Over the phone, warranty replacement is at the absolute discretion of Freego representative dealing with the case. Their decision is final. Should you feel that a warranty case is still present you may need to send the component back to our service center for assessment. 

2. About Freight within warranty:
You will need to return any identified potential warranty component back to base for assessment at your cost. Should we find a genuine warranty fault (please refer to list below) we will replace and pay for return freight. Should we find a problem not covered by warranty you will need to purchase thereplacement component and pay for returnfreight.

3.Your warranty covers the following: 

 Motor Faults
 Computer Control Module: Controller PCB
 Battery(1 year replacement – 2nd year return tobase repair)
 BatteryChargers 

These items are covered under normal use. BUT THEY ARE NOT COVERED if your Freego has
been subjected, but not limited to below situation 

 Water Damage
 Impact Damage
 Dropping
 Punctures
 Exceeding designed weight loads
 Occurring duetoover-speed
 Abuse
 Action deviationof user manual.

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