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What does Freego mean?

Our brand name “Freego” enjoys the meaning of freely going anywhere you want. Freego scooter makes it realization that you can drive it to anywhere freely according to your through; just go anywhere freely and enjoy gliding.

How does Freego move? How does Freego self-balancing Scooter keep balance?

Freego senses the lean of the rider with the assistance of  two dimensional inertial navigation system . And two accelerometers that sense the angle of  Freego with responding to gravity at 100 times per second. It balances the rider by applying forces to the ground in the direction of the lean. If you lean forward the Freego applies motor torque to the wheel to push it forward, bring you upright and balance you. When you lean back, it applies reverse torque to slow you down and balance you accordingly.

What are the advantages of using Freego?

Firstly, it can save your time spent on traffic. Since it has a small body and able to easily handle traffic jams.
Secondly, it is green transportation tool for it only use electric as power.
Thirdly, its colorful and fashionable appearance make you unique in the crowd.

How is Freego Company

-- The leader of Smart Electric Vehicles
-- No. 3 in Top 10 Brands 2015 China
-- Europe Union Registered Brand
---National High-tech enterprise in China

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What is the purpose of this website?

Weare looking for global agents who have sales experience and sales channels inlocal markets.

Theagents should have team and passion to sell Electric mobility.


What is the condition to become Freego's dealers and Agents?

1. You should have sales team and experience to sell Sports-related products.

2. You should have dealers or sales channels.

WeDO NOT sell to end users. We are looking for business buyer. End users can buyfrom our local agents or online stores.


How to cooperate with Freego?

Step1: The seller should contact Freego sales person with his specific requirementfor Electric scooters and targeted order quantity. The sales person willrecommend the buyer with right model and quotation sheet.

Andthen the buyer will send Purchase Order to Freego.

Step2: Freego sales person will issue an Proforma invoice for the buyer accordingto agreed Model number, Order quantity and delivery date. Once confirmed, thebuyer will transfer deposit to Freego.

Step3: Freego only accept Bank transfer T/T, Letter of Credit and Westen Union atpresent.


How to pay Freego?

The1st Payment (the deposit, 30%): The buyer shall pay the 30% of the total amountas deposit to Freego to enable Freego factory can make customized samples forbuyer's approval.

The2nd Payment (done payment, 50%): The buyer shall transfer another 50% of totalamount to Freego after the sample or customization is accepted by the buyer.This payment is used to enable Freego to start production of all the parts,like motors, batteries, controllers, frames.

The3rd Payment (the balance, 20%): After production is finished, the buyer isallowed to inspect the quality of the goods within 3 days. After 3 days, thebuyer must pay the balance which is the 20% of the total payment immediately.We do not accept to get paid late because of inspection work. The buyer has 3days to reclaim the quality issue after the inspection work is done. Afterthat, we will start to count the pay days.