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For Seniors & People With Mobility ProblemsFor Seniors & People With Mobility ProblemsFor Seniors & People With Mobility ProblemsFor Seniors & People With Mobility Problems

For Seniors & People With Mobility Problems

  • SM-10S  Honor 2 | PrideR
  • •The World's best & only standing only,slow moving. lightweight 2-part electric scooter
  • •It provides mobility to seniors and people with mobility difficulties,and or many who feel self-conscious using wheelchairs. Now they can "Stand N Walk" PROUDLY.
  • •It can be loaded in a car in seconds
  • •It is allowed on airplanes,and anywhere
SM-10S  Honor2
  • THe World's best&only standing only,slow moving. lightweight 2-part electric scooter
  • It provides mobility to seniors and people with mobility difficulties,and for many who feel self-conscious using wheelchairs. Now they can "Stand N Walk" PROUDLY.
  • It can be loaded in a car in seconds
  • It is allowed on airplanes,and anywhere.
People can't load current scooters into car trunk or travel with. All are made of one heavy bulky part. Some use disallowed lead-acid batteries, and/or require vehicle carrier.All scooter are fast, disallowed in most public places&airlines. thus making travels with much needed scooters impossible.

A standing only, slow moving, 3-wheel, 2-part, an ultr-nimble, ultra-portable electric scooter. It resolves all know problems. It can be disassembled and loaded into a trunk in seven seconds, and is allowed anywhere, including airplanes and all public places. In compliance with TSA and airlines regulations.

  1. Standing only, slow moving, two lightwight parts, easy to carry and use
  2. Slow moving at 4.35 Mph ,safer.
  3. Higher speed models are available upon orders of MOQ 100
  4. Triple Disc brake system for all three wheels
  5. Auto motor cut-off while using the brakes
  6. Assembles-disassembled in seconds, easy to load into car trunk.
  7. Users do not need to buy a vehicle carries
  8. It gives people who feel self-conscious to use wheelchairs a gift of life. Now they can Stand N Walk proudly.
  9. Excellent for all purposes: personal, commercial, industrial and Security.
  10. Allowed everywhere for being slow moving
  11. Has an automatic folidng luggage carrier
  12. Foldable Colume for easy increase-Decrease of colume Length.

I. Pictures


SM-10S honor 2

Range:   20-30km
Battery:  36V 7.8A lithium-ion battery
Speed:   8 km / h
E-scooter weight 22kg
E-scooter size 60 * 40 * 15 cm
Motor Power 350W brushless motor
Foldable, removable: Yes
Charging time 2-4 hours
Load capacity; 100 kg
10 inches wheel
Front-wheel drive.
Handbrake and foot disc brakes.

IV. Packaging 

SM-10s Scooterx 1pc
110-240V AC Power Adapter (Charger) x 1pc User manuel X 1pcs 
Carton size: 70x27x26cm


V. Shipping 

Incoterm: EXW   

Shipment type optional

1. For order gross weight within 100kg we recommend shipping by express, it takes 3-5 d days for high efficiency with shipping. 

2. For orders gross weight over 100 kg, but under 300 kg, shipping by air freight  is recommended  for fast 5-7 days and high efficiency.

3. Gross weight over 300kg Shipping per  Sea is recommended for low freight costs but 20 ~ 30 days at sea.


VI. our services

1. Customer request or customized specification is acceptable
2. 100% test and inspection before packing.
3. Fully charged with scooter before delivery
4. Any inquiry about scooter is welcome. Quick reply.
5. Fast delivery and shipping status tracking.

Sample order for the test is acceptable.
We can supply OEM services as we are manufacturer.

First-class customer service

1. 12 hours / day 6 days / week online service
2. Professional technicians and engineers service
3. Free instructions for driving or driving
4. Support for spare parts and components
5. Replacement or repair if it is under warranty.

XI. Warranty details: 

1st warranty period:
The limited warranty of the scooter is valid for 24 months and comes into effect at the time of receipt. The warranty includes 24-month online technical support.

2. Guarantee coverage:
The warranty covers only the following parts:
Motherboards / PCB (24 months)
Engines (12 months or 18,000km)
Lithium battery (12 months)
Lead acid battery (6 months)
Chargers: 12 months


I.Electrical damage caused by improper use of the battery, eg. For example, by using an unauthorized charger, long uncharged time or by plugging the power cord into the battery wrong way is not covered. Please charge the battery responsibly and regularly (at least once a month).

II. Water damage caused by improper use in snow, wet or flooded conditions is not covered. Our products are rainproof, not waterproof. Please use with care.

III. Damage caused by accidents, catastrophes or improper use such as running or jumping is not covered.
IV. Damage caused by failure to follow the manual or failure to comply with the maintenance instructions is not covered

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